One thing I’ve learned is that when tragedy happens life goes on. Trump was elected president of the United States of America.

It’s a tragedy. Life goes on.

What concerns me about tragedies that occurred is whether or not they could have been prevented. Sadly, some times they can’t be prevented… I’ll keep my analysis simple and short:

Are Americans stupid? No. No more than Germans, Spanish or Portuguese. Then, why was Trump elected? Trump was elected because the system is rotten. And why is the system rotten? Because too many of us comply on a daily basis with the ethical decay of the system.

I’m not a guardian of ethics and morals but the only way societies became closer to something we may call civilization was by developing a culture of justice based on ethics. Other than that, in the past kings were crowned and countries were founded on the basis of the rule – my trump is bigger than yours.

We either recover a culture of justice based on ethics or we return to a society type were being civilized means: I get to say how it is because my trump is bigger than yours.

Time is running out.